“It’s funny, but if it weren’t for our memories we’d never know those great days ever existed before. Today most of the people are gone. The place still exists but in an altered state from time and progress. But if you stop and think real deep the world that we were once so happy in all comes back to us and is here to stay in all the days of our lives.” – AUTHOR –

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‘This is a non-fiction novel, a love story about an exceptionally beautiful and talented young girl in a small town in upstate NY who achieved almost all of her lifelong dreams just to find out she was going to die young and leave the love of her life behind for eternity. This is a very poetic, very sad novel but painfully true. -E.B.

“Exceptionally well executed by the author Paul Michaels. On my own personal note, it just blows me away. It makes me laugh, it makes me smile, it most definitely makes me cry and realize how vulnerable we all are and how passive life is.” -MYRA

“It feels very authentic. It’s sad and very, very funny. Like the scenes with Darlene are extremely well done and very, very funny. Especially well written” – EDITOR –

“I know this non-fiction novel is outrageously brought back to life; I can’t forget it. A great piece of work and you are a fantastic writer, you write straight from the heart and this is a great novel.” – EDITOR –

“It’s mushy as hell. One of the saddest and most romantic stories I’ve ever read.”

“It’s just great and definitely gets better as you go.” – EDITOR

– “Very visually written, I can SEE what’s happening and it’s very realistic, very sad, and very funny!”

– “Would love to see this book as a movie or a TV series. So many terrific stories within the main story itself! ”

A very touching heart warming novel of eternal love. Not for the faint of heart.

Some of the actual locations:

Dance Studio
…So, I got out of my truck very nervous… after dropping and picking up the keys it took two tries to close the truck door. Well here I go. I went in the doorway of the building and walked up about eleven steps each one crunched when I stepped on it and I started getting nervous again. There was a fragrance coming out of the dance studio that smelled so good like an old building with that school scent, if you know what I mean. I heard music coming out of the door on the left. I instantly recognized it, “Short People” by Randy Neumann, with the line ‘Short people got, no reason to live’ a controversial line that caused him some grief with short people, I heard. I thought to myself that’s kind of ironic since she’s about six foot tall. I stood in the doorway, and nervously knocked three times. Then I heard that unique voice say excitedly,
“Oh come in Bill!” and I said over the music,
“How’d you know it was me when you were looking the other way?”
“The time, and I was looking out the window every now and then for your truck.”
That’s when that sense of well-being came back again. It felt good knowing she was looking out for me, wow! I thought she just says what’s on her mind, no games.
She smiled, “I’ll be done in a few” and went back to dancing with four little girls. I looked at her and thought to myself, this has got to be a dream come true or a nightmare ready to happen! I sat down in a chair and looked at the mirrored wall with the ballet bar running the length of it. Pretty Ballerina started playing in my head again and when I saw her reflection in the mirror, I felt like I was supposed to be here with her, no problem, just like last night.

“From the orchard we could look up and see the beautiful Minnewaska Mountains.  In the fall, we would just drive around and look over the trees to make sure they would be good to grow apples and ready for winter pruning and then on to the fall harvest. But winter or summer it was our playground on the weekends and a holiday escape. Now when I look back, I just know that would’ve been the life for us. I realize that our life was supposed to be there. Well, as you all know, it just didn’t go that way.

I still get a lump in my throat remembering and hearing us all laughing in the kitchen or smell the fresh apples and see Darlene head out for the orchard with an old Radio Flyer wagon and an apple crate. I hear and feel the music from the harvest parties and see the whole family there.​

 I can smell the wood fire at night and ride through the orchard on the tractor early in the morning with Darlene in the wagon and you in the tractor seat with me, your arms wrapped around my shoulders, kissing me and saying, “It’s gonna be a hot one today Silly Boy, but no problem for us, we’re Champions!”

Nowadays it makes me want to drive by there before I die so I can see my life there with you once more. I believe all the beauty of life was right there on those three hundred and fifty-five acres.